A Circular Walk in the Llangynwyd Middle Community Area

Start of Walk: Garth Railway Station
End of Walk: Garth Railway Station

Distance: Approximately 5 Miles
Duration: Allow 2.5 Hours

Leave the Station to enter Park View Estate and turn right ,cross the road and take the first left, walk towards the left hand corner of the close to a small footbridge crossing Nant y Gerddin and a narrow walk way leading into Maiden Street. (F.p.LM 19)

Turn Right a follow Maiden Street to the cross roads with the Cross Inn facing you, take care crossing the road, and taking the road on the right of the Inn leading you up hill. Continue uphill for approximately 800 metres to arrive at a lone house on your right (this was once the Lamb and Flag public house)

Turn Right and follow the lane downhill for about 100 metres to a wooden marker post on the left with Woodland Trust markers and Llynfi Valley Walk signs attached to it.

Turn left and walk along the track going downhill into the woods. As the path levels out, look for a set of steps in the bank on to your left climb the steps and follow the board walk and way marking discs to a small concrete foot bridge and a well defined path to an old metal kissing gate, leaving the woods to enter a field keeping the field boundary on your left until reaching a metal field gate. (F.p LM16)

Once through the gate and within a short distance you come to a metalled surfaced Road (once used as a haul road for an open cast coal mine), turn right and walk down hill to a gate field and a road junction. (B.w LM18)

Turn left at the junction and left again at the next with Castell Cottages facing you. Continue uphill along the road to a gate way and footpath sign on the right (F.P LM13). Enter the field and using the kissing gates to emerge out onto a metalled road. (Alternative route continue to walk uphill along the road to visit Llangynwyd Historic Village with St Cynwyd’s Church, The Old House Inn and The Corner House Inn .To rejoin the walk take the road going downhill on the right hand side of the Vicarage. Upon reaching a sharp left hand bend you have now joined the walk.)

Upon joining the road follow it to your front and within 75 metres you arrive at a footpath sign post (F.p LM7) enter the field follow the hedge row on your left crossing a series of stiles to eventually cross over an old stone bridge and join the road at Gadlys Farm (F.p LM1)

Turn left and walk along the road, at the road junction stay right soon to pass the site of the old Gadlys Woollen Mill on your right. Continue along the road until reaching kissing gates on both sides of the road. (At this point the Dyffryn Llynvi Porthcawl Tramway crossed the road) Take the left hand gate and follow the path though a wooded area with the cutting of the old tramway on your left, as you emerge onto the

main Maesteg/Bridgend Road look for the old Great Western Railway boundary markers.

Take care as you cross the road at this point(Maesteg/Bridgend) Road, having crossed over turn left and follow the road to the crossroad at this point turn left down the hill, to arrive at the Railway Inn. Look for the footpath sign on the opposite side of the road, (F.p LM20). The path bounded between the railway fence and garden boundaries leads you via a set of worn earth steps in Darren View.

Having reached Darren View turn right and follow the road to a gap between the houses and a kissing gate giving access to playing fields walk along the right boundary fence and into Parc Tir Iarll, Cwmfelin Community Woodland Park, from where the paths leads you out onto the Maesteg/ Bridgend Road, turn right walk along the pavement passing Cwmfelin Primary School on your right. Following the Llynfi Valley Walks signs you arrive back at Garth Railway Station.

The details of this walk came from an external source; Council does not accept liability for any errors.