Llangynwyd Middle Community Council consists of 12 Members who are elected every four years, and represent Cwmfelin and Pontrhydycyff Wards.

There are 736 Community and Town Councils in Wales, representing local government at grass roots level. There are approximately 8000 Community and Town Councillors who represent the interests of the community they serve. They serve their communities by promoting and improving the quality of life in their locality through a range of statutory powers and duties.

The Councillors are elected by the people, or in some cases co-opted to represent the Wards, they ensure that the Community Council operate in the best interests of the people in their community. Councillors represent the needs of the residents, policies, services and encourage participation in community life. They have a role in providing the voice of the citizen in the development and delivery of public services in Wales.

Llangynwyd Middle Community Council employs two members of staff, the Clerk of the Council and Park Warden.

The Community Council works closely with many of the departments in Bridgend County Borough Council and has a member who serves on the Town & Community Council Forum, which consists of Bridgend County Borough Council members and officers, as well as representatives from all community and town councils in the Bridgend area.

The Council has an active interest in working with local organisations, in particular, the local Welsh secondary school and two primary schools, Llangynwyd Community Association who run the village hall, and Llangynwyd Rangers Boys and Girls Football Club. The Community Council has representatives on the Board of Governors for each of the three schools in the area, and as members of Llangynwyd Community Association.