Llangynwyd Middle Community Council

Employability Bridgend

Employability Bridgend is a council run project funded by ESF and WG, it supports people into paid or voluntary work.  It is an umbrella project for smaller projects such as, Communities for Work, Communities for Work plus, Bridges into Work, NET and WSfA.  It provides job searching, CV writing, training, mock interviews, etc., and each client is provided with an individual plan to meet their needs; enabling them to reach their potential.  There is also funding to provide childcare, PPE, etc., and the staff can work with people who are currently in work, either facing redundancy, furlough, or, simply wanting to better themselves within their role or, secure alternative employment.

During these difficult times, there are a number of people losing their employment and looking for alternative work.  Employability Bridgend is still working hard to present opportunities for clients, and are actively working from home to achieve this.  There has been direct contact from several employers, discussing their opportunities and the positions that need filling urgently.  The staff can also contact clients to advise them of vacancies,  they can discuss opportunities with them, update their CVs, and remotely job search for them.  There is also online training available in some instances.

While everyone is limited during this period, support and information can still be provided, and work is ongoing to ensure everyone who needs employment at this time, is being supported to achieve this.

Please see newsletter below, it explains in a little more detail what can be done, also, an EOI referral form, to be completed with as much information as possible and emailed to: employability@bridgend.gov.uk


Expression of Interest

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